Australian Apprenticeships Advice

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships cover both traineeships and apprenticeships. Combining structured training with practical work, Australian Apprenticeships provide apprentices with the experience and nationally accredited qualifications needed to get their desired jobs. These apprenticeships are offered at different qualification levels in various occupations. Training can be off the job or on the job or both. Australian Apprenticeships are offered by many schools, so you have a lot of options to get your training started. You don’t need to wait until you graduate as you can always apply for an apprenticeship anytime you want.

Pre-apprenticeships are also offered for interested individuals. These apprenticeships are a combination of practical on-the-job training and school or on-campus study. Pre-apprenticeships are at lower qualification levels and shorter than regular apprenticeships. These apprenticeships, however, can increase your credits and provide you with a competitive advantage when looking for employers to hire you as an apprentice.

Pre-apprenticeships can launch your career in the industry of your choice. These apprenticeships allow you to develop your skills, get practical experience and know what it is like to be in a working environment. You can decide if you enjoy working in a certain industry, allowing you to make better training and career decisions.

How to Choose the Right Australian Apprenticeship

What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing? You can talk to your guidance officer, friends, family or career adviser about the job you want. There are great apprenticeships websites that can help you get an idea about the career options you have within your area.

Know if there’s a recognised apprenticeship offered in your area. You may want to participate in a pre-apprenticeship to know what the trade is like. Get in touch with a training organisation that provides training in the area you’re interested in.

Looking for an employer who will take you in as an apprentice is also important. Your employer will show you how things work in your industry and help you complete your apprenticeship. You can be employed as an apprentice in two ways – by a GTO or directly by a business. Group training organisations (GTOs) will arrange your training with the training organisation and pay your wages, but you will be placed with various businesses to get on-the-job skills. If you’re hired directly by a business, your wages will be paid by them. The business will also train you with the help of a training organisation.

How Much Will You Earn?

Your entitlements and wages depend on several factors like the amount of training or education you have, the wage provided by the company and your age.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate in an Apprenticeship?

There might be costs involved with the apprenticeship, so searching the web may help.

How to Pick the Training Organisation

The training organisation will be picked by you and your employer. Your training organisation will give you a training record to document what happened throughout your training, help create a training plan that outlines what you have to learn, how and when it will be given and evaluated, train you and evaluate your skills and issue a qualification once you’ve successfully completed your apprenticeship.